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Dream Theater

   The video that you all have been waiting for is here! The Dance Of Instrumentals from Jones Beach NY 9/14/02. Its the lastest trick of sick minded Dream Theater to blast our brains out !!!

The Dance Of Instrumentals(High-res download 105MB)
The Dance Of Instrumentals(Low-res download 37MB)


The Dance Of Instrumentals(High-res download 105MB)
   Ive been getting ALOT of emails about the music at the end of this video. The music you hear at the end is an excerpt of the song "Encyclopedia" from the new Andromeda album. This album kicks ass and a must for all Prog fans.

The Spirit Carries On @ Jones Beach, NY 9/14/02

The Spirit Carries On(High-res download 54MB)
The Spirit Carries On(Low-res download 12MB)

The Great Debate @ Beacon Theater, NYC 3/27/02

The Great Debate(High-res download 83MB)
The Great Debate(Low-res download 23MB)

Sanitarium (Welcome Home) @ Beacon Thaeter, NYC 3/28/02

Sanitarium (Welcome Home)(High-res download 51MB) *** NO LIMIT ***

Sanitarium (Welcome Home)(High-res download 51MB)

The Glass Prison @ BB King, NYC 1/19/02

The Glass Prison(High-res download 52MB) *** NO LIMIT ***

The Glass Prison(High-res download 52MB)
The Glass Prison(Low-res download 24MB)

Scarred @ BB King, NYC 1/19/02

Scarred(High-res download 62MB)
Scarred(Low-res download 24MB)

Dream Theater - Hollow Years @ Irving Plaza NYC

Hollow Years(High-res download 28MB)

Dream Theater as Majesty '87 - A Fortune In Lies

A Fortune In Lies(High-res download 21MB) *** NO LIMIT ***

A Fortune In Lies(high-res download 21MB)
A Fortune In Lies(Low-res download 13MB)

Dream Theater 1993 - A Change Of Seasons

A Change Of Seasons(Low-res download 46MB) *** NO LIMIT ***

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   As you all now we're having difficulties finding a server to host the videos, please do not link the videos directly from other sites or message boards

   Thanks and enjoy the videos !

~ Emre

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