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G3 2001


The Haunted



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produced by:

Emre Topuzoglu

Website by:
Erik Muna aka PetFish


   Here youíll find 3 exclusive Opeth videos for download, recorded by multiple cameras during Opethís first USA tour with Nevermore.

The Drapery Falls

High-res download 42MB
   One of my first video mixing attempts (as you can tell.. ). Although the video is very amateur, the song has the best mood when played live. Awesome.

Demon Of The Fall

High-res download 29MB
   This one has a lot better quality than The Drapery Falls, the song kicks ass live!

The Forest Of October

High-res download 63 MB (No low-res version available)
   The latest Opeth video.. It has the best quality of all three and kicks major ass .. A must for all Opeth fans ! Authorís favorite :)

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