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October,16 2002       

Like The Average Stalker (Low-res 39MB)

    Here is a new sample video of whats coming soon. It's Like The Average Stalker from their last USA tour 2002 and is abit different from the MillionFlame video!!

   I havent started working on the whole thing but this just gives an idea of what It'll look like. This one captured at low resolution,try to bear it.

   MillionFlame (Low-res 36MB)

   Here is the new teaser video of Soilwork project IŽll be working on. Recorded by BootlegMania during their last USA tour 2002.

   Room #99 (Low-res 22MB)

   Previously released Room #99 video from their 2000 USA tour. This video was recorded at Milwuakee metal fest, thanks for the bootlegger who taped this.

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