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June,4 2003
Domain Change, New Video:
The Haunted - Shithead

    Unfortunately, because of my lazy assness I didnt registered the sites domain on time and some mother fucker ad company took over it. Whats done is done and I'll get a new domain soon, till now you can access the site using current address.

    I havent updated the site for a long time, its just been hectic but I have few projects coming up that will kick so much ass.. Keep checking here for the updates..

    There is a new sample video from one of those projects, its the ShitHead video from the last USA tour of The Haunted. Can be found here

~ Emre




    Unfortunately our new server can transmit a certain amount of bandwitdh everyweek, once the bandwitdh limit is reached, you'll have to wait untill the weeks cycle to complete for a bandwitdh reset. The bandwitdh counter is reset every FRIDAY and it lasts about untill MONDAY. So the weekends are your best shot to download videos from the site. Meanwhile we still have Jim's server as a mirror for some files, so the site isnt completely down once the bandwitdh limit is hit on the main server.

Hope that helps,Enjoy!

~ Emre

January,23 2003
New media server !

    Roderick van Domburg has offered his server for the use of the site, the site is back in action again with almost ALL of the videos released before, as well as some unreleased hi-res SVCD versions. Thanks Roderick !

~ Emre

November,5 2002
Temporary media server is up
New Dream Theater video

    Jim Orchard will be hosting the new video on his server, we're not sure if the server can handle the regular bandwitdh usage of the site, if everything goes fine the rest of the videos might be online soon.
Thanks Jim !!

    The new Dream Theater video is here !! According to the poll results, its the intrumental medley from the Jones Beach show. I like to call it "The Dance Of Instrumentals" though :). It can be found in the Dream Theater section. It might not be online for long so download it NOW ! .

~ Emre

November,3 2002

   Im sorry to announce that we lost the access to the server that was hosting the site. Many thanks to Matt Masi for helping me out to host the site with his access to the server for the past months

   The site will be down untill a new server is found to host the videos. If anyone can help to find a server for the site, please dont hesitate to contact me Any help would be appreciated.

   At the same time Im working on the new instrumental Dream Theater video. It should be finished in a day or two. I hope to find a server by then to release the video.

~ Emre

October,16 2002
New Soilwork video

    Finally I had gathered all the footages of the show and made a sample video of whats coming soon. Check out the Soilwork section for Like The Average Stalker video from USA 2002.

~ Emre

September,30 2002
Archive video has changed !!

   Previously released video A Change Of Seasons from 1993 w/KevMo is added to the Archive section. This video will change in a couple of weeks.

   Also a new video is coming up soon from Jones Beach show New York 14/9/02. A Poll is up to determine which of the two its going to be, InstruMedley or Dream Theater/Satriani Jam. Go here and vote NOW!

   I higly recommend you to subscribe the newsletter, because there are some cool goodies going to be posted only on the newsletter!

~ Emre

September,16 2002
New Dream Theater video!!

   There is a new and very meaningful video on the site. The Spirit Carries On from Jones Beach Theater, New York. You can download it from the Dream Theater section.
   The Glass Prison video is removed from Archive section because there wasnt enough space for the new video. It will be back up soon.
    I also added a newsletter to the site for you guys to keep up with the important updates such as exchanging previously released videos in the Archive section. I highly recommend you to subscribe for that.

~ Emre

September,14 2002

   Just came back from Dream Theater Jones Beach Theater show.. WOW.. what a great show, the band was dead on.. I'll update the site with video footages from the show as soon as I have time.. Check back soon.

~ Emre

September,10 2002

    Previously released The Glass Prison video is online in the Archive section. Sorry for the long delay of the update, I just got back from a long vacation recently and had a chance to update the site.

    Im also going to put a newsletter on the site for important updates like this. It should be online in a couple of days.

~ Emre

August,18 2002

   Since many people has been asking for me to put the old videos online, the Archive section will work differently starting this week.. I'll post previously released videos there. There will be only one video at a time due to server restrictions. Videos will change weekly.I will also post the information about the next video there. CHECK BACK OFTEN and dont miss the video you want cause this may not last long

~ Emre

July 28, 2002

    Finally, The Great Debate video is finished !! Check out the Dream Theater section for download.

~ Emre

June 6, 2002

    Soilwork has been touring USA recently and since they played in Bootlegmania hometown, I addded the previously released video Room#99 to Soilwork section untill the new video from the recent tour is finished !

    Also added previously released Mordred's Song video to Blind Guardian section

    The Great Debate video is delayed , the reason it hasnt been released yet is that I couldnt finish it before taking a vacation. I brought my hard drive with me to the summer place, it should be done shortly once I find time from the beach ! Hehe.

~ Emre

May 17, 2002

    Few updates this week. A new section Archive is added to the site. This is for the people that have been asking about previous videos. Hope this helps !

   A low-res version of Sanitarium video is added to Dream Theater section. Also low-res versions of Opeth vidoes are to be updated soon.

   Another update about the upcoming video The Great Debate. Its almost done and will be released next week.

~ Emre

May 9, 2002

   All three previously released Opeth videos are available for download in the Opeth section. Many thanks to Ryan Beasley for hosting them.

~ Emre

May 8, 2002

   The site is back in action again! Thanks to Matt Masi (Operation Stealth Boot) for providing temporary webspace for the site. Some of the previous videos have been removed due to server limitation, however there are some kick ass replacements coming up soon!

   One of them is already up in the Dream Theater section.. Metallica cover Welcome Home (Sanitarium) from the "Very Special Night" 3/28 Beacon Theater, New York City... recorded and produced by the BootlegMania crew. Enjoy!

~ Emre

April 10, 2002

   A sample clip from the upcoming video The Great Debate added to the Dream Theater section.. Its not from the final version... it has some errors but its still great.

~ Emre

April 8, 2002

   A new video is added to Dream Theater section, A Change Of Seasons from NYC '93 with Kevin Moore on the keys.. Kick Ass!

   I will start working on videos from Dream Theater - World Of Tourbulence this week. The next video will probably be The Great Debate from NYC 3/27. There will be videos from Very Special Night from NYC 3/28 at the same time. So keep checking here for updates.

~ Emre

April 7, 2002

   Well, there's now a temporary forum up for you guys to post stuff as well as a sample of Dream Theater performing Metallica's Damage Inc. video!

~ Emre

April 5, 2002

   Welcome to the all new BootlegMania website! Thanks to Erik Muna aka PetFish for putting this site together for us. It's still very much under construction and I'm working on getting a new forum up where I can post videos and stuff so hopefully that will be done very soon... hopefully on Monday. :)

~ Emre

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